The work of Danish artist Indigo Richards, is expressed through manifold medias, whether it is acrylic, watercolor or other materials as clothes, artpills or performance and installations, together with the Danish artist group: QWERTY. http://tifinger.dk/

Richards has been fascinated by the material acrylic paint and watercolor throughout her career, how you can thin paint with water, mediums, other liquids and materials that interact and try to ruin the color, and open up for new wrong techniques. Her new motives are portraits of herself in shape-wear pants, expressing both vulnerability and strength.








New tekst in Danish about Shapewear paintings 2017: shapewear malerier

Article (PDF) in Danish, Fyens Stiftstidende March 2016: Fyens Stiftstidende side 1 Fyens Stiftstidende side 2